USA Loan Apps: Top 10 Best Loan Apps To Borrow Money In USA 2023

Are you in need of money to pay rent or settle some bills? Or an emergency arose and you are kind of broke and in need of a loan. Do not panic, the best loan apps in the USA get you covered. We sometimes find ourselves in unpleasant situations where we are in desperate need of funds. But the arrival of the next paycheck seems so far. This is why these best loan apps come in.

In one of our previous articles, we covered the best loan apps in Nigeria and the best loan apps in the UK to borrow money easily without stress or much paper works and this is why we come up with this piece of article about loan apps in the USA.

They help save us from embarrassment. With any of these best loan apps installed on your mobile, you can request loans up to $100. And few tend to offer more. All that is required if you in getting the loan is to agree to all of their terms and conditions and you are good to get the required amount you so desire. Also, the interest rates are not that high. In addition, the apps are easy to use. You can request a loan within minutes. Let’s check these best loan apps in the USA.

USA Loan Apps: Best Loan Apps In USA To Borrow Money 2023

1. Earnin

Earnin is one of the best loan apps in the USA and it gives freedom to those who live on a paycheck to receive loans. Workers with bank accounts can obtain loans from this app with ease. All you have to do is to install the app and register with it. It will ask for your bank details, to verify the details you submitted. And when you receive your monthly payments.

The app keeps track of how much you are paid on an hourly basis, by using your phone’s GPS. You can also upload your timesheet to the app so it can get accurate information on the hours you work daily. You can withdraw money from the app based on the hours you’ve worked for months before you get paid.

When your monthly pay arrives, Earnin automatically debits the amount you borrowed. One good thing about the app is the absence of fees. For a start, you can borrow up to $100. But as you continue to use the app the amount you get to borrow rises. Click Here to download the mobile app

2. Brigit

Another loan app in the USA that allows you to get a loan before your next paycheck is Brigit. The app helps you manage your budget and grants you a loan before your next payday. To get a loan on Brigit, you will have to submit an active checking account. And the checking account must be active and have a history of about 60 days.

Mind you, your checking account must have a reasonable balance and at least three direct deposits from your employer. When you are done setting up your account, you can request funds up to $250 based on your income. Brigit has other features like short-term loan transfer when it notices you’re running low.

In addition to its features, it helps suggest a side hustle to help boost your income. Although Brigit’s basic membership is free, to enjoy premium features like advance loan requests at any time, you have to upgrade which cost $9.99. Click Here to download the mobile apps

3. Dave

Dave a very simple and powerful app that helps with funds before the next payday. The app tries to keep its members away from bank overdrafts by providing them with cash in advance. The Dave app also helps users with financial tips.

It helps keep track of how you spend your money monthly. When you borrow from it, the app will automatically debit you when your paycheck drops. The app has other features like suggesting side hustles that will help you increase your income and prevent you from borrowing.

To get other features of the app you have to install it. However, it’s not entirely free. The app charges users monthly. But, nevertheless, it is one of the best loan apps in the USA.

Click Here to download the mobile app

4. MoneyLion

This is Another loan app in the USA that gives you an advance fund before your payday is MoneyLion. The app helps you get small loans within months. With the MoneyLion account, you get to enjoy the app’s inst cash. Where you get to request a loan at any time. You can request loans of up to $250 or more depending on your eligibility. And there is no interest of fee attached.

Also with MoneyLion, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee like the others. However, you will be charged an instant cash transfer fee. But this fee can be avoided if you can wait patiently for the fund to arrive in a few days. The Money Lion app has other amazing features you can try. Click Here to Download the mobile app

5. Chime App

The Chime app is an app that helps you receive your paycheck two days before payday. It is associated with the chime spending service. One good feature of the app is that it helps you keep track of all the transactions you carry out. In case of an unauthorized transaction, you can quickly disable your card with a touch. It is that simple.

You can request a loan of up to $100 on the Chime app and will be automatically debited when you are been paid. One good part of this app is, it’s free. You will also enjoy a lot of other features on this app. Click Here to Download the mobile app

6. Branch 

Another top app to loan money in the USA is the branch. The branch app is an easy-to-use app that gives you a loan before your next payday. To get loans from this app, you must have received two direct payments from your employer. And the deposit must be above $40 and the amount must be sent into a participating bank account before you will be considered to get a loan.

At first, the amount you can loan will be low but as you continue to loan and repay in time, the branch app will increase the amount you can loan. You will like to know that Branch works with the employers to get true details of your monthly attendance file and estimated wages. It will have to analyze these data before making you eligible to get loans.

The eligible employees get 50% of their monthly pay and the money will be sent to the branch wallet. The branch app is one of the best apps for employees to obtain loans quickly to settle any kind of bills before payday. Click Hereto download the mobile app

7. Empower 

The Empower app helps you to forget the need of getting an overdraft. To get a loan on this app, you do not need any credit score or deposit any security cash to be eligible. It’s one of the simplest apps to get on. You can get an instant loan of about $250, that’s why if you need an urgent cash one if your best option is the Empower app. Typically, it will take 24 hours for the money you loan to arrive. However, you can pay a certain fee to get the loan in a few hours if you need that urgently. The Empower app also has other financial features that can help you. These features include a bank account, cash advance, budgeting tools, and so on. The Empower app is one of the nicest and fast apps to get loans in the US. Click Here to download the mobile app

8. CashApp 

CashApp is another nice app to obtain loans. To be able to use this app, you must be 18 and above to sign up. This app allows you to get your paycheck two days before you remove your normal monthly pay. Also, you get a free ATM withdrawal if you have as much as $300 in your account. CashApp also helps you to invest in crypto and stocks for as low a dollar. It also gives you the freedom to send money to both family and friends. Lastly, you will be charged for any form of upgrades and ATM withdrawals. This app is good for those who need cash before their payday. And it’s also a good investment app for those who love to invest in stocks and Bitcoin. Click Here to download the mobile app

9. Even App

Even app is more a financial app than a loan but you can still get loans on the app with ease. The app offers employees 50% of their monthly wages before payday. So if you need to urgently settle some bills before your normal monthly pay arrives, the Even app can help you out. Apart from getting loans on the app, it offers features like budgeting tools that help you keep track of all your finances. You can also use the savings features to help achieve all your financial goals. It’s a generally nice financial app. If you need an all-in-one financial app then Even is one app you should go get. Click Here to download the mobile app

10. SoFi 

The last app on our list is the SoFi app. SoFi app allows you to loan a large amount of money. You can loan from $5000 to $100,000. And this loan can arrive the same day you apply for it. However, how fast the amount hit your account is dependent on your bank. What makes the SoFi loan app so good is that it doesn’t charge any form of organizational fee or penalty fee. As you repay these loans, the loan limits will be increased. Another benefit it using SoFi is that as a member, you get to receive benefits such as career coaching and financial planning tools. SoFi is one of the best loan apps and an excellent financial app for anyone. Click Here to Download the mobile app


Bothering yourself on where to get cash before your next payday has been settled. All you have to do is install any of these best apps to loan money and get the full advantages they offer. In case of any emergency, no more problems with just your phone and a healthy internet connection, you can get that amount you need before your paycheck arrives. If you find this post informative, share it with other people on social media. And leave a comment in the comment box before if you think I left out any app.

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